Cafe is a young roasting company in Vignola, in the province of Modena, Italy, born in 2015 from the desire to evoke and deepen the artisanal skill of making good coffee.

Our goal is to translate into reality our passion for finding raw materials, for processing and extraction methods, for the infinite range of possible combinations in order to create amazing blends.

We propose a wide range of own products that can satisfy various distribution channels, such as coffee beans, ground coffee, capsules and pods ESE that we produce only on demand  to offer our customers always fresh stock.

We assess our products and our suppliers every day so that quality is guaranteed by a clear and certified supply chain and narrowed collaborators selection.

Our mission is to spread a message of culture, lifestyle and distinctive character through our coffee.



To obtain a high quality coffee, it is necessary to start from the search for selected raw materials,

which must then be processed with state-of-the-art equipment for the production of each individual blend.

The role of the roaster is the basis of the entire process and without his arts nothing could be achieved.

Thanks to his experience and continuous research, he develops every single project
giving us at once the idea of feasibility or the results that can be obtained.

Harmony is the lifeblood of our blends and only those who know perfectly
well the characteristics of each coffee (characteristics given above all by the area of origin) can create unique and balanced ones.

The secret ingredient of our coffee?



Smooth and rich coffee with an enveloping aftertaste, notes of chocolate on the palate and creamy in the cup

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Aromatic and spiced coffee with a delicate citrus aftertaste provided by the precious Arabica. Ideal for any time of day

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A fresh and delicate coffee thanks to the influence of the Arabica, its aromatic depth and low caffeine content make it ideal to be enjoyed at any time of the day.

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Coffee with intense strength and flavour, with a rich aroma and aftertaste with caramel notes. Its cream is dense and long-lasting. Great for waking up and after lunch..

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Coffee with a full and aromatic aftertaste, decaffeinated using a natural water process; caffeine is reduced to less than 0.1%.

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A strong and intense coffee, for an immediate energy boost. The cream is thick, long-lasting, and its aftertaste brings out hints of cocoa and caramel.

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For us, the master roaster is like an artist who knows how to use raw materials to create something unique ... just as a painter uses colours and a musician notes, imagining combinations and then creating them.

Our idea is to return to our roots with typically Italian flavours and skilfully created blends by master roasters.